Pastor Phil started his career in his mother’s basement by teaching youth about Black History, which ultimately became the New Generation Youth Ministry of the Shiloh Baptist Church. He was dealing with personal life issues and decided to move back home for a short period of time prior to relocating to Washington DC to pursue a career in management. Instead of entering corporate America, he started tutoring youth which led to full-time ministry.

Pastor Phil is the son of the late Pastor Fred Davis who led Shiloh Church for 30 years. Under his father’s tutelage and guidance, he served as the church’s Youth Minister. Upon his dad’s death, Pastor Phil was installed as the church’s Senior Pastor and to continue the legacy.

He has earned certifications from Penn State and Cornell Universities. He attended Pillar College, Palmer Theological Seminary, Christian Bible College and Seminary and is currently a doctoral candidate enrolled at Eastern University. Pastor Phil is affiliated with PBS 39 as the Host of Courageous Conversations. He is also a Research Fellow for the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. Pastor Phil also enjoys physical fitness, bike riding, and reading. He is married to Kristina and has three daughters.

He has always been community-minded. He desires to see the African American community operate in a way that empowers the community members to be their best selves. He believes that it will be obtained by working together to uplift and change the conditions for the better through education, unity, and support.