Jarvis started his first career as a professional NFL athlete playing for the Baltimore Ravens and later selected by the NFL/NCAA Coaching Program. He is now an Educational Sports-Related Entrepreneur and Film Producer. Jarvis has many accolades, but he is most proud of being an everyday father and mentor.

Jarvis graduated from Rutgers University and earned his advanced degree from Tiffin University. He is affiliated with many colleges and universities, the NFL Alumni Association, NFL Legends Community, St. Luke’s Hospital, local school districts, and various non-profit organizations. He likes to read, write, skydive, swim, and jet ski. He is also passionate about business development and helping as many individuals and organizations through counseling, interventions, and collaborative partnerships.

Jarvis was motivated to become a part of AACE because the organization’s mission is clear and there are limitless opportunities for the African American community and families.