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Your journey starts with self-love! My Peace of Happy offers life coaching and consulting services for women. I’m Jamie Watkins, a certified life Happiness coach, reinvention strategist and impact speaker. I help women to fully accept and embrace self-love so that they can reinvent their lives to one of happiness and purpose. I deliver a down to earth “real talk” approach to coaching, motivating and empowering women to show up and live the life they were created for. My coaching philosophy: You are created with a purpose. Living that purpose is a responsibility we have to the gift of life itself. Purpose is found in the pursuit of a life well-lived. As you embark on your journey of self-love you will further define your purpose. Serving others should be the foundation of your vision for your life and path forward. The pursuit of your personal best should never deprive another of the pursuit of theirs. Coaching does not exist to change or fix others. It is about helping you become fully functional in the pursuit of your higher self in any given area. You are enough and equipped with everything you need to fulfill your purpose. Start your journey to self-love today! I offer both 1:1 services and group coaching, visit to work with me, I’m rooting for you! Your Happiness Coach & Reinvention Strategist, ? ??????????